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Issue 20.1&2, Fall 1990


Table of Contents


  • Daniel Jones, “Demonstration” (First Prize)
  • Perry Glasser, “Danger” (Honorable Mention)
  • Oscar H. Bennett, The Colored Garden (excerpts from the novel)
  • E.A. McKenzie, The Lights of San Francisco (excerpts from the novel)
  • Naomi Thiers, “Cotton”


  • Interview with Carolyn Forche, conducted by Patricia Bertheaud and Evan Oakley


George Mosby, Jr.: A Retrospective

  • Commentary by Joseph Bruchac
  • Biography by Judith Ann Mosby
  • Poems by George Mosby, Jr.


  • Rebecca Wee, “A Few Words On Penis Envy” (First Prize)
  • William Aiken, “Mallarme in Prison” (Honorable Mention)
  • Veronica Patterson, “Stone Deaf”
  • Louise Robertson, “David”
  • Imre Oravecz, “I Knew” (translation by Bruce Berlind and Maria Korosy)
  • Mary Lynn Ellis, “Mothers in Oz,” “The Answer”
  • Jordan Kilgour, “Kids And Mountain Falling”
  • Dan Smith, “Hibakusha”
  • Jay Blumenthal, “Funeral in Switzerland: Richard Burton (1925-1984)”
  • Elizabeth Rees, “Narcissus,” “Hanging”
  • Dennis L. Herring, “Mister Ed”
  • Muriel Karr, “Statement”
  • Sandra Nelson, “Auto-Mysticism”
  • Craig Lyon, “Into the Circle”
  • Ronald Moran, “Conversation And Companionship”
  • John Vanderslice, “Was: An Epitaph”
  • Judith Ann Mosby, “NIGHT”
  • J.C. Donnelly, “Visiting Manhattan”
  • James W. Penha, “Calligraph”
  • Jonathan R. Vaile, “The Linyanti Crocodile”
  • Vance Philip Hedderel, “In Search of Kim Novak,” “The Influence of Russian Literature”

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