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Issue 18.1&2, Fall/Winter 1988

Table of Contents


  • Pamela Muir, “El Soñador”
  • Christopher Woods, “Girl In The Courtyard”
  • Rhonda Strickland, “St. Catherine’s Carnival”
  • Barrett Warner, “The Love People”
  • Steve Amick, “Ramu In The States”
  • Lynna Williams, “New Thinking About Loss”
  • Jim Sanderson, “Property Rights” (part of a larger work)
  • Pauline Mortensen, “Woman Talking To A Cow”


  • Anne Wiegard,
    • “Winter”
    • “Visitation”
  • Elisabeth Murawski,
    • “Mute”
    • “Focusing”
    • “Notre Dame du Haut”
  • Juliet Crichton,
    • “To Anastasia The Surgery Resident”
    • “Rock Bottom”
  • Charles Rafferty,
    • “Memory”
    • “Returning”
  • Lana Hurt, “The House”
  • Walter McDonald,
    • “Clearing The Barbed Wire”
    • “In The Cabin”
  • Mordecai Marcus, “Feeding the Neighbor’s Fish”
  • M.A. Mahoney, “Summer”
  • Jay Griswold, “Snow”
  • Virginia Egermeier, “Sandpipers”
  • D. Nurkse,
    • “Edge of Knowledge”
    • “A Tumor”
  • Jay Bradford Fowler, Jr., “I Wandered Out Of Paradise”
  • Jacquie Henderson, “August Farms”


  • David Platzker
  • Charles Quinones
  • Rick Sara
  • Ralph Schexnadyre

This issue is dedicated to the memory of Anicia Lane, a poet of dignity and beauty. May her spirit continue to soar.

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