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Issue 15.2, Spring 1986

Table of Contents



  • Clark Hansbarger, “Hobbies”
  • Barbara Quinn, “In The Lane”
  • Audrey Fleming, “Honeymoon”
  • Mark Winegardner, “Reilly”


  • Mary Crow, “Someone”
  • Ken Harris, “Uncle Joe”
  • Douglas Keesey, “Untitled”
  • Margaret Rooney, “Asthma Attack At The Colossal Buddha, Bamiyan,” “Affair”
  • J.B. Goodenough, “March”
  • D. Nurske, “Losing to Father,” “Involuntary Music,” “Working on Dreams”
  • John O’Dell, “At Lightning Ridge”
  • Walter Griffin, “Homesick”
  • Mark Henke, “Crazies”
  • David Collings, “Ariel & the Kiwi”
  • Lif Lifshin, “Photographs Of Mothers And Daughters”
  • Jay Griswold, “Cesar, You Never Danced”
  • Julie Eudy, “For A Lost Friend”
  • Liz Huntington, “Life On Earth”


  • Doug Ross, Cover
  • Marni Harker
  • Paula Blum
  • Holly Walz

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