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Issue 13.3&4, Spring 1984


Table of Contents


  • Richard Bausch, “Any Region, Any Time, Any Place”


  • Ryunosuke Akutagawa, “The She Spider
  • Cary Kimble, “The Clanigans”
  • John Coleman, “Balance”
  • Ellen Stone, “Olivia”
  • David Cantor, “As Wide Awake as Ever”
  • Tony Grooms, “Uneasy Planet”
  • Stephen Thurston, “End of a Marriage”


  • Patty Summers, “On the Occasion of Her Death”
  • Nancy Kessler, “Morgan Le Fey and the Unicorn,” “Sestina on Six Nouns of the Emperor Wu”
  • Elizabeth Murawski, “Treehouse,” “Resume”
  • Margaret Jeschke, “Intimacy,” “Persian Carpet,” “Wing”
  • Greg Nelson, “A Sestina,” “Mescalito Visits White Boys,” “Like a Flash”
  • Carolyn Kreiter-Kurylo, “Gifts”
  • Sharon D. Ewing, “In the Special Collections Room,” “Hot Springs”
  • Belle Waring, “2, rue de Marguerites,” “Solstice”
  • Liz Huntington, “Pas de Deux”
  • Richard Flynn, “What I’ve Counted On”
  • Ron Lieber, “Persephone Goes”
  • Anne Wiegard, “Ocean City,” “Field Stripped”
  • Lois Cucullu, “Where Things Go When They Leave,” “Resolution,” “Memento Mori,” “Passage”
  • George Blanchard, “Ghost Crab”
  • Mike Perrow, “Avogadro’s Number”
  • Gary Moody, “Offering,” “Scorpion,” “Untitled,” “Road Kill”
  • Julie Baca, “China Doll,” “La Profesora,” “The Shells of Things”
  • Toni Disko, “To My Awkward Breasts”
  • Marcy J. Pitt, “Gilbert looks at his watch,” “Mind”
  • Karenne Brown, “A Friend, Weeping,” “Heights,” “The Seafarers’ Woman”
  • Sheila Barrows, “Take Pain”


  • Marni Harker
  • Sheila Barrows
  • J.W. Higson III
  • Diana Manning
  • Karen Rasco
  • Angela Pratt
  • Teresa Becker
  • Mary Redenius


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