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Issue 11.1, Fall 1981

Table of Contents


  • James R. Nichols, “Night Train”


  • Michael J. Toth, “9/2/80, 4:00 A.M.”
  • John Vackna, “I Wish to Remove Myself”
  • Susan Landgraf, “Branch Water,” “Asking about a Friend’s Spiders”
  • Sheila Barrows, “Rocking”
  • Lawrence Potash, “Pockets”
  • J.B. Goodenough, “Bird and Stone”
  • W.E. Gorriles, “Low over a Lover”
  • George Mosby, Jr., “The Pain between Departure and Return”
  • Bradley R. Strahan, “Sea Bite,” “Lines on Paper”
  • Pun Que, “What Does it Mean?” “Zone of the Interior”
  • Katharyn Machan Aal, “Fourteenth Poem for my Father,” “On the Way to Telling You I Have Been Unfaithful,” “The Perfect Woman”
  • Bettie Anne Mikosinski, “Naked”
  • Simon Perchik, “Untitled”
  • Ann Lisa Dixon, “Lydia, for Susie,” “Thursday”
  • Steven C. Levi, “Dachau”
  • W.F. Heineman, “Moving Into Night,” “The Pointing,” “The Remnants”
  • Stephen L. Slavin, “Long Time Passing”
  • Sherry Durfey, “Fibers”
  • Margaret Lee, “Meditations”
  • J.P. White, “Found at the Spring”
  • Kem Luther, “Burn Less Brightly”
  • Richard E. Miller, “D Dream: OC”
  • Emily Keller Malec, “Lent”

Art and Photography

  • Mark Ciano
  • Steve Casimiro
  • Donald Phillips
  • J.W. Harchick
  • Bill Roberts
  • Michael Jones
  • Diane Cooke
  • Vince Ramik
  • John Vackna
  • Kathleen McCarthy
  • Susan Pomponio

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