"Carriage" by Emily Stokes

Emily Stokes first became interested in printmaking as a student at Wellesley College, and went on to earn an MFA from Arizona State.  While she enjoys time-intensive printmaking processes such as lithography and intaglio, and the challenge of combining different techniques, she also appreciates the directness of relief printing.

The content of Stokes’ work is rooted in everyday experiences.  The linocuts featured here draw inspiration from indulgent holiday party spreads, seasonal rituals, and visits to regional tourist meccas.  Each print begins as a series of sketches, some drawn from observation, some from pictures, and some from imagination.  Stokes always has a narrative in mind as she composites those sketches into a resolved image, which she then uses to create a print.

Stokes’ work has been included in many exhibitions and portfolio exchanges, and she looks forward to creating new work in the print studio soon.  This fall, she will join the art faculty at Northwestern College of Iowa.

More of Emily Stokes’ work can be seen at her website.

"Lurkers" by Emily Stokes


"Lights" by Emily Stokes