Category: Nonfiction

The Past in Nonfiction

Blog Leslie Maxwell

Suzanne Berne writes about her search for a grandmother she never knew, a mother her father never knew: her grandmother died when her father was a little...

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An interview with Mary Roach

Blog Traci Cox

Roach: "The whole wall behind his desk was filled with television screens of eyes that were currently being operated on! So, I’m trying to interview him, and behind...

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On the Music of Distraction

Nonfiction Jessica McCaughey

The pitch of the accordion begins low in the dark, but as the spotlight slowly focuses, I see the bellows of the instrument open up, the top ahead of...

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I’d Like to Talk About the Bigger Stuff

Nonfiction R. B. Moreno

Today, in leafing through a bundle of letters to Kyrgyzstan, postmarked in Colorado, a sense of guilt begins to build. The feeling that I abandoned this...

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When You Told Me It Wasn’t a Honeymoon

Nonfiction Nina Boutsikaris

So we stayed on the trail and followed it down through the brush and over a rushing stream with soaked stones the color of chicken skin. Above us, the...

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A Final Infidelity

Nonfiction Kirk Wisland

In the end, there is just me: a twenty-nine year old Minnesota Man careening along the interstate, heading back east to Saint Paul on a humid August Friday...

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Third Molars

Nonfiction Belen Lopez

They emerged in the spring: three little newborn pockets of wisdom that did not settle into place until June. In the time between they rose to the height of...

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Nonfiction Kat White

1. Go into bathroom 2. Lights on 3. Shut door 4. Lock door 5. Tie back hair 6. Take off glasses, if wearing 7. Take off shirt 8. Take off rings on right...

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Straight Up

Nonfiction Ed McCarthy

We’ll never sit down and talk. Chances are that the trajectory of our lives will push our paths further apart, not cause them to intersect. You will never...

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Nature Nurture

Nonfiction Rick Lamplugh

On the red brick walkway outside our front door, I look up and see that the mist, so ethereal an hour ago, is rapidly vanishing. The sun, a bright white...

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