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Pieces from our journals chosen by our editors.

Landscape Where I Forget My Father

Jennie Malboeuf The four corners of my eyeline are rich with distraction. An aquarium, a library, a fun park, a creek. In this scene, a shrike crosses the sky, spears a frog on some barb for later....

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Monkey Treachery

Larissa Szporluk Maybe I had a baby with my father. Maybe I’m lying. Maybe I wish  I had a father, then a baby, then another baby, then a break—  what use is a child, or a finger? If we had...

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Mary Jo Amani Pay careful attention lest with all the fluctuations of thoughts the greening power which you have from God dries up in you. ­—Hildegard von Bingen writing to an Abbot 1 I bought an...

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Virginia Is Not Your Home

Jocelyn Johnson They hung that name on you at birth, but Virginia was never your home. Read Nausea by Sartre and give yourself a new one. Trumpet your new name to the liver-spotted washroom mirror,...

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Hold On, Just So

Shelley Wood I met Suki in my life-drawing class, back when she’d already quit her job and had all that other shit happen, but still had both boobs. I figured she was working on improving herself...

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manifesto for the bones of a blue whale suspended from the ceiling

Kathryne David Gargano the boy says: devils cannot move human semen locally! he cries it in the streets, flogginghis papers / so sensational, this boy— he forgets so earnestly the way womenare born...

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