Cat DM

“The Journey”


“Cosmic Lion”

Cat DM

CAT DM is an artist and illustrator born and raised in Medellin, Colombia. Now residing in North Carolina, Cat seeks to inspire curiosity and exploration through her unique mix of photography and digital illustration. Working from her Durham-based studio, Starstruck Creative, she mixes architecture, science, sustainability, and travel to invite viewers to connect with the greater world around them. 

Currently, eighty-three percent of the world’s population lives under light polluted skies. In the illustration series “Save Our Stars,” Cat transforms her own photography to probe the impact of light pollution on our lives. She vividly illustrates beloved cities around the world, as they would appear with clear, bright skies. Cat uses her art as a bridge to raise awareness about this topic and the importance of preserving our skies for historical, cultural, and scientific reasons as well as our own sense of well­being and place in the broader universe.

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