Prize Nominations

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 Phoebe nominates for the following prizes: The Best American Series Best of the Net Anthology The Pushcart Prize Best New Poets 2017 Best New Poets Nominees Skyler LaLone, “Santa Fe” Eve Romm, “the body is an instrument of the ten directions” 2016 Best of the Net Anthology Fiction Nominees Luke Tennis, “Go Long” Jacqueline Doyle, “Winter Afternoon” Poetry…
Cover art by Susan Barnes

Eve — Getting to Know Her

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The thought passed through my mind that I was sitting with ‘Eve,’ a petite, attractive, open woman who had endured the obvious conflicts of a life with not just one personality, or even three as the public had been lead to believe, but in fact had come to terms with 22 separate personalities before she entered her present state of stability, resolution.

Cover art: "Craftsman" by Ken Jacobs

A Day to Grieve

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Bićh-Daò Khuu It is summertime and the children have just finished with school for one more year. Usually during this time the streets are crowded with happy toddlers and young men and women. However, on this particular day, fathers and mothers are hurrying their young ones home and are closing their doors quickly behind them.…


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this is a place without a terrain a government that always changes an
unstable language. Even buildings disappear from day to day.

[gendered pronoun] wanders in this place

the condition of bearableness is the constant state of mind for all

we read all day in the village square during the rule of [name of major
historical figure] a book that is so subtle
[its political content goes unnoticed

what is its political content?

[the question or the statement

[generic pronoun] create

[a reader culture

[possessive pronoun] prefer both

Kumina Death Dance

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Diane E.S. Prentiss

We are nine American researchers in a rented minivan, racing from Kingston to the eastern coastal region of St. Thomas parish. This end of the island doesn’t sport timeshare resorts and high-priced bungalows. There are no freckled young men in Vuarnets, printed boxers, and zinc noses playing volleyball on the beach. No drinks with umbrellas, Hard Rock Cafes, or expensive dance clubs. There are no telephones, few cars, and only an occasional shop. Electricity is in a few households, but only for two or three hours each evening. No hustling. Tourist cocaine has no place out here on the flat plains worked by laborers.

Cover art by Erik Pennebaker

Issue 17.3&4, Summer 1988

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Table of Contents Virginia Downs Poetry Award The Virginia Downs Poetry Award was established by the family and friends of Virginia Downs (1916-1984), poet and George Mason graduate. It honors outstanding poetry written by George Mason students. This year’s award winners are: Barbara Miller, “Writing with Alyson on My Lap” Pat Sigel, “Pinning the Pattern”…
Cover art by Erik Pennebaker

The Mother’s Story

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P.J. Woodside

I haven’t admitted this to anyone. I want to learn to kill something.

It sounds crazy, but I seem to be the only one who doesn’t know how. Hunters know. Doctors know. Soldiers, judges, murderers, God.

Cover art by Alex Walsh

A Brief Excerpt from “Honey Locust”

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Issue 45.1Winter 2015 Katie Willingham 1. BBC News, March 5th: Scientists publish the most detailed brain scans ever taken. Images of the first sixty-eight subjects take up about two terabytes of computer memory, enough to fill over four hundred DVDs. 2. To make a darkroom, you must paper the windows, to keep out the light.…
Cover art by Alex Walsh

The Landline

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Issue 45.1Winter 2015 Christian A. Winn Yesterday the boy I pretend is David phoned. “Hi, Mom,” he said. “Happy birthday.” It was not my birthday, and I told him so, as I always do.          “I miss you out here,” he said.          I could hear the clatter of traffic behind him. I asked where he was.…