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Cover art by Dan Hiller


Issue 37.1, Spring 2008 Jason Skipper This was an hour before my dad brought his cancer into our lives. One hour before he reached inside the glovebox of our Dodge conversion van for the pamphlets. The ones with cartoons and words like benign, malignant, and larynx, all explained. I had just gotten my learner’s permit…
Cover art by Warren Craghead


Issue 41.1, Spring 2012 George Such This will hurt, he told me, and it did, but I was determined not to show my pain.  And I didn’t.  But I sure felt the sharp prick of the needle as it repeatedly entered my ear in different places, each injection a hot star, part of a constellation…


Phoebe 21.1, Fall 1991 Joel Brouwer Find me the nitwit who post-central-heating cooked up the idea of employing fire for ornament and I’ll show you a dunce who dines with thieves. But also, I’ll bet, a zillionaire. Because who doesn’t love living rooms lit up chimney red, the hiss of sap evaporating? Forget third-degree burns…
Cover art by Dan Hiller


Phoebe 37.1, Spring 2008 Kim Chinquee There were flybys where I lived and I was curious about them. Their sounds pounded on the hollow of my ears. I got used to the sound and smell of airplanes, living on the airbase, and got to know the aircraft schedule, timing it like clockwork. When the airplanes…
Cover art by Dan Hiller

Plastic Cups

Phoebe 37.1, Spring 2008 Kim Chinquee I’d let my hunger ride, knowing that night there was a party. We went to Stacy’s sister’s house and handed her the money, giving her our orders. She must’ve been twenty-five or thirty, and she put her smoke out, dipping it into the ashtray. She knew what we wanted.…
Cover art by Dan Hiller


Phoebe 37.1, Spring 2008 Kim Chinquee He followed a schedule, ran in a club. He studied his training and his diet, figuring equations, drinking PowerAid and Gel, comparing that to a banana. She logged the details of her running in a journal: how the air felt on her skin, green or gray, silent, if she’d…
Cover art by David Cantor


From Phoebe 14.3/4, Spring 1985 Phoebe 14.3/4, spring 1985 Anne Wiegard Beth was my mother’s fifth child, and the doctors thought it wise to correct a condition resulting from multiple births, loosened muscles. I wasn’t sure which muscles were loose, but Mom lay in bed with her knees up and apart, the sheet making a white tent over…
Cover art: Unknown artist

from: A Border Comedy

From Phoebe 25.1, Winter 1996 Lyn Hejinian Stories often go into the dark and stay there To change Springing from nocturnal sounds Into experience which daylight might otherwise obliterate Drawn from dark moods which cannot be called linear We change the stories in our biography Make use of life And it is very strange, the flowing…
Cover art: "Craftsman" by Ken Jacobs


From Phoebe 17.2, Winter 1988 Alan Cheuse Cover from Phoebe 17.2, winter 1988 ____ ______ is the author of a number of other books, none of which you’ve probably read. This new novel you’re holding in your hands took him three years to complete, and it almost didn’t get published. Worse, it almost never got written.…