Three Buses

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Natalia Holtzman [paper]It’s wartime in Yugoslavia and Haso is searching through a local village. He goes into one of the houses and finds an old lamp. Just as he wraps a hand around this lamp, a ghost emerges from it. The ghost says, Haso, you’ve given me my freedom, so I’ll make one of your…

The Dancer and the Demigods

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Noelle Catharine Allen Personal History THE DANCER AND THE DEMIGODS by Leonard Geist Leonard Geist, our beloved friend and contributor to this magazine, passed away in his sleep this month. He was a young seventy-four, cycling from his upper West Side apartment to his busy Midtown neurological practice, traveling the world for speaking engagements, and…

Pie Girl

Steph Kilen Winner, 2014 Fiction Award Jaime Bennati Must be a little over a year now I’ve been in the basement. Just me and the Swede, or whatever he is, I’m just assuming. He doesn’t talk. He can hear, but I don’t think he understands English. Still, I talk to him. Who else am I…