The Parts

Bahiyyih El-Shabbaz Winner, 2014 Creative Nonfiction Award  Jaime Bennati APRIL It’s early April, and my tummy is still a valley. By the summer, it will be a bunny hill. By mid-fall, a mountain. It’s not so much the stretching or the puking of it, or even the labor, or the end of my life. I mostly…


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dawn lonsinger Winner, 2014 Greg Grummer Poetry Award Jaime Bennati [paper]Say what you will about the car-choked streets, how no one can walk on the sidewalks because they are covered with cheap goods, but all I see is how those fake Rolexes flashbulb the afternoon into elsewhere. Button slogans face the sky & say some…

Pie Girl

Steph Kilen Winner, 2014 Fiction Award Jaime Bennati Must be a little over a year now I’ve been in the basement. Just me and the Swede, or whatever he is, I’m just assuming. He doesn’t talk. He can hear, but I don’t think he understands English. Still, I talk to him. Who else am I…