Issue 37.2, Fall 2008

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Table of Contents Poetry Caren Scott, “First, remove the heart.” “The Lake is Trying to Form a Frozen Skin” “Second Contact, Explanation” Drew Nolte, “The Insertable” “Scribes and Illuminations” “Lieutenant McNeil, August 2nd 1942” The Pines, “ARBY” “ARBY” “ARBY” Anselm Berrigan, from To Hell With Sleep Laurie E. White, “The Deep Geese Mind You” “If…

Ars Poetica at the Speed Art Museum

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Marci Johnson   “Pompeii” 1990 C-Print Richard Ross. A dead turkey wearing a wig.                                           Lost: one child, 4 years old, have you seen … ? A man in an electric chair                                         on a…